Sweet Dreams

November 1, 2020

Local pastry shop looking to leverage brand credibility to break into CBD market.

The Brief

"Our business has been a staple of the local community for years selling pastries and desserts. We are looking expand our business with a CBD chocolate line that leverages our brand name, but pushes the identity into a new territory to capture new consumers."

The Work

We started with the brand ethos. This business exists to bring people together through the sharing of tasty treats. Given their pastry and baking credibility, we knew there were a few interesting paths this project could take. So we designed 4-5 unique visual briefs ranging from "Whimsical Wonka" to "Chef Inspired." 

Through quick iterations, we balanced the client's business objectives such as brand stretch, SKU extension, and shelf stand-out to align with the "Whimsical Wonka" design.  Once artwork was complete, we managed the relationship with the film supplier so our client needed only to focus on their production.

4 Unique Design Routes

"I built this company more than 20 years ago and wanted to make sure my business stayed true to its roots. At times I was a little uncomfortable with the far out ideas the team was bringing me, but I'm thrilled with the end result. The chocolates look great and I wouldn't have been able to get here without their help."

The Result

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