Lit Labs

July 1, 2019

Created a brand extension design for their new chocolate bar roll out.

The Brief

"We have established products in gummies, shatter, and tinctures, but we are looking to expand our offering into chocolate bars, and granola bars. We need a partner than can help us extend our brand and design our new packaging." 

The Work

We started by taking inventory of the existing Lit Labs brand.  After aligning with the client on what brand elements were mandatories (logo, use of black and yellow colors, and “scientific” element), we started exploring new elements for their chocolate and granola launches.  We needed to build a design system that would allow for both products.  That’s how we landed on a darker aesthetic for chocolates, to communicate full flavor, and a lighter color system for granola to communicate a healthier alternative. As a final step, we delivered professional product photography and examples of social creative.

A look at their original brand identity
Initial concepts for granola bars
We moved to a smaller bar for production reasons
Brand extends easily into chocolates
The Result

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