November 1, 2020

Handmade Terpene Candles For A Cause

The Brief

This was a Canna Banana project with the mission of giving back to the cannabis community. We partnered with the Last Prisoner Project, a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is not to rest until the last cannabis prisoner is freed, and created a candle. All proceeds from candle sales would go to the organization.

The Work

We started with the unique proposition. We didn't want to make just any candle, we wanted to build a brand that would have a strong tie to the industry and the cause we were supporting. That's how we created the brand "Innoscent," handmade terpene-scented candles for a cause.

We built a website with ecommerce capabilities. We ran targeted paid social campaigns on Instagram and Facebook and grew our organic social following to 500 within two weeks. We got publicity in the local community through influencer partnerships and PR pick-ups.

Great IG Pick Up From Our Customers
The Result

We built a brand, sold out of our first production run, and made a charitable donation – all in a six-week span.

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